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Patrick Lange - 3rd Place - Ironman Kona


A brief insight into the work with Patrick Lange over the last 4 years on the way to Kona. It was absolutely logical for us to support him in the spring after his victory at the IM Texas sponsoring in a new direction, namely to Koblenz. The best conditions can only be created by a stable, resilient sporadic situation, Canyon and the team around Nis Sienknecht made it possible! Happy to help put Patrick into the right hands with the fast Canyon Speedmax.

This is a first session on the new Canyon Speedmax CF to make the first adjustments and to get an overview of the required parts such as spacers, saddle shape, etc. The best aerodynamic test runs out without a biomechanically perfect base. The work for this is done at “in house”, many accurate measurements of the body angle and rotation with our MotionLogic 3D camera the Speedmax are already in the exact direction.

A “finished”, possibly again minimally corrected position will be created next 2 days during our aerodynamic testing on the track in Augsburg. Look for to finishing touches for Kona 2016.

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