Lloyd & Britta Thomas - CycleFit.de

Lloyd & Britta Thomas – CycleFit.de

The road to CycleFit was an easy decision for us. We’re both very passionate and knowledgeable about the sport and really wanted to allow everyone to be able to achieve the same enjoyment and satisfaction out of cycling as we do. Whether we are helping elite high performance athletes, up and coming juniors or enthusiastic hobby athletes that just want to get more out of their cycling, we take the same exact approach to fitting everyone. There is no reason for it to be different. Everybody deserves the same attention to detail and the same precision into achieving the perfect fit.

We want to pass on our enthusiasm and expertise so everyone enjoys their perfect ride. Happy pedaling!

Britta and Lloyd πŸ™‚

A Little More about Lloyd

Fonthill Velodrome Madison Cycling

Fonthill Velodrome Madison Cycling

My love of cycling a long one. Growing up in Canada, I played the North American and very Canadian game of ice hockey and like most Canadians and also played soccer (football) at a young age as well, I can’t remember not skating when I was a kid, like being born with ice skates on! I was very lucky to play in some great leagues for most of my ‘ice hockey career’ but at the same time also had the pull of the wooden boards and cement banks of the velodromes around the East coast of North America and throughout Canada. I was just 12 years old watching Steve Bauer win a silver medal to Alexi Grewal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles>>>weeks later started training for my first race. I had the chance to meet Steve first in the spring of 1984 when he was breaking apart the field in the criterium and road stages of the Niagara Classic near my home town with Davis Phinney. I was hooked.

Colin Hearth - Fonthill Cycling Club

Colin Hearth – Fonthill Cycling Club

From here my experience grew considerably as I was very fortunate to be involved immediately with one of the best cycling clubs in Canada at the time with arguably the most success in Canadian cycling as Canada’s greatest ever Steve Bauer, World Champion Gord Singleton, and multiple World Championship and Olympic medalist Karen Strong all grew from the coaching of Colin Hearth and Peter Junek. I was really lucky to be under this umbrella of mentor’s and positive influences. Karen was selected as the women’s national team coach and also coached our Junior team with Colin.

Guys like the Lefebvre brothers were always the guys that I always looked up to and loved to spend time with learning from them whenever I could. Probably in cycling in Canada, you can not learn more about the sport then within this small network and I’m really proud and honoured that I was able to be a part of.

Tour of Abitibi

Tour of Abitibi

I raced novice age group races till 1987 and won a few along the way but they weren’t “real” races I thought until I had a racing license and in my first licensed race in 1987… I had a crash going into the last 400m and my first road rash! I had a lot of good success and many incredible experiences growing up racing as I was fortunate enough to travel and race in some big events along the way. Winning a national championship in 1989 was a highlight on the track but also competing in and being an active part in events like the Tour of Abitibi in Canada which still is the longest and most international Junior stage race in the world. I have raced all over North America and had some incredible success on both the road and track during my younger career. I was a national champion, won races in all disiplines from multiple national track championship events, to criteriums, to road races.

Jumping ahead to 1994, I moved to the west coast of Canada where I became even more involved in the cycling world and also the ski world where I worked and helped to run one of the largest ski / specialized ski booting fitting centres in Canada. There I worked with one of the world’s top boot fitters to really learn to analyze stance balance and how alignment problems can have effects on skiers. We were lucky enough in our location to work with some of the top skiiers in the country and have worked with some of the top athletes from all over the world as well as directly help in influencing ski boot manufacturing and design from some of the biggest in the ski industry.

During my time on the west coast of Canada I started mountain bike racing in cross country and with living Whistler, you get a fast education on how to ride a mountain bike as Whistler is probably one of the most technical places in the world to ride a bike. Definitely helps with your confidence level on the singletrack and how to push the limits and also truly helps you develop a fine sense of technical needs on bike fit. There are no technical trails anywhere I have ridden in Europe that even come close to Whistler and the North Shore.

More recently, I have raced 7 editions of the mountain bike Transalp Challenge and at 75kg when I’m light, I don’t climb with the front groups but I do drive hard and push beyond my climbing ability every climb! I have a slightly different tactic… I fight up every climb to stay close enough to bomb the downhills and singletrack to come back near the front each stage. I have placed quite well on the mountain bike and have also raced 2 editions of the Tour Transalp some top placings in stages of this event also using similar tactics of riding hard up and down the mountains and driving hard in the wind.

Interesting Notes or maybe not πŸ™‚

  • multiple time national champion – track – junior
  • multiple race wins – road, track, mountain bike
  • favourite track event – Madison on a short track
  • 120m / 56Β°bank – shortest and steepest velodrome I’ve ridden
  • raced national development projects – track cycling
  • mountain bike cross country elite class, started mountain biking – whistler, bc in 1994 (sure I mountain biked before this… but mountain biking isn’t mountain biking until you can ride in whistler… it just isn’t!)
  • 7 times – Transalp Challenge – multiple top stage placings (top 15, top 20), and enjoy beer every night πŸ™‚
  • 2 times – Tour Transalp – multiple top stage placings (top 5, top 20) and enjoy more beer every night πŸ™‚
  • 11.1 sec – flying 200m personal best
  • 1:09.7 – 1000m personal best
  • 4:49 – 4000m Individual Pursuit personal best
  • favourite singletrack – sorry, but Whistler still beats anywhere I’ve ever ridden for singletrack, but Sun Valley, Idaho, Moab, Utah, and Riva del Garda is all good
  • Best scenery – pretty much every road ride in Europe, hard to beat the road riding in Europe for sure!